Thursday, January 28, 2010

ANTI-Valentine: Zombie Cupid


This just in! Zombie Cupid was kidnapped by a gang of vicious, brain splattering zombie slayers!

All pictures were deleted from Daisy Danger's computer by a group of mischievous gremlins! But, have no fear! Pictures coming soon after Daisy Danger's fearless rescue mission, taking place tonight! Stay tuned!

Update: Pictures of this creature have been recovered!

The creator of this adorable...I mean terrifying creature is no longer with Something Crafty This Way Comes but her personal blog can be found here! So go show her some love!

ANTI-Valentine’s Day Zombie Cupid Valentine


Green Yarn*

Black Yarn (Really small amount)

Embroidery floss or yarn (for hair, color not important)

F Crochet Hook (Gauge not important)

Felt (1 sheet red, 1 black)

Needles (blunt for attaching limbs, sharp for sewing through felt)


Row 1--6 single crochets in magic ring

-2 two sc in each st (12sc total)

-3 sc, 2 sc in next st, sc (18sc)

-4 sc, sc, 2sc, (24sc)

-5 3sc, 2sc in next st (30sc)

-6 sc around

-7 sc around

-8 sc around

*Attach hair now. Trust me, you don’t want to wait any longer.*

-9 sc, sc, sc, sc2tog (24)

-10 sc around

-11 sc, sc, sc2tog (18)

-12 sc, sc2tog, sc (12)

-13 sc around


-1 6 sc in magic ring

-2 2sc in each st (12)

-3 sc, 2sc, sc (18)

-4 sc, sc, 2sc (24)

-5 sc, sc, sc, 2sc (30)

-6 4 sc, 2sc (36)

-7 sc4, sc2tog (30)

-8 sc around

-9 sc3, sc2tog (24)

-10 sc2, sc2tog (18)

-11 sc, sc2tog (12)

-12 sc around

-13 ac around

legs (make 2):

-1 6 sc in magic ring

-2 2sc in each st (12)

-3 sc around

-4 sc, sc 2 tog, (9)

-5 sc around

-6 sc around

-7 sc around

Arms (Make 2):

-1 6sc in magic ring

-2 2 sc in each st

-3 sc around

-4 sc, sc2tog (9)

-5 sc around


Take the floss and wrap it around something that's about an inch in width, then clip one side. Separate the floss into groups of 10 strands. Pull the hair up through the scalp, then do the same with the other end. Secure it on top by tying a bit of string around the base. Do this down the center of the head. (Be careful to keep it straight! Mine's slightly crooked.) Then trim to the desired length.

Other Instructions:

Embroider the face before you stuff the head, it makes it much easier. I just used big X’s for eyes and a zig zag for a mouth, but it’s your zombie cupid! Make him look however you think a zombie cupid should, get creative!

Attach head and limbs where you want them, I attached the legs slightly forward so it would be easier for him to sit.

Cut a triangle large enough to make a diaper out of the red felt. Wrap it around him and mark each piece where you need to sew it. Sew it together and put it on, if the felt is too long on the legs, just trim it off. I did a bit of ‘zombie stitching’ to the front of the diaper. To do this, just stitch one long horizontal stitch and then three short vertical stitches across.

To make the broken heart Anti-Valentine, just cut a heart from the red felt and stitch it onto a black square (extra points for messy-ness, it’s a zombie!) and then stitch across the break line in the center. You could easily personalize this with a little fabric (or acrylic) paint. I was tempted to write, “You’re stupid but I’d still eat your brains,” across mine. Have fun with it!

Other Ideas that I would have used, if I could have found the supplies around the house:

Make a Quiver, bow and arrows. To make the quiver cut a small rectangle of fabric, fold into a cylinder and stitch it up, cut a circle the same size as the opening of the cylinder and stitch it to the bottom. Thread a piece of yarn through it to make a strap. For arrows, use match sticks and heart stickers. Take a match and put an upside down heart sticker on each side of the head of the match. For a bow (I didn’t actually try this so I have a couple of ideas) soak a toothpick in water until it’s pliable, then bend it and let it dry. Tie a rubber band around each tip. Or maybe use a straw and do the same thing?

*The brand or color that I used really isn’t important, plus it’s a discontinued line anyway. Any color that you think a zombie would be is fine. I like the olive green for my zombie, but a blue or grey would be awesome as well.


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