Monday, June 27, 2011

A gift for the sick gamer....A Dice bouquet!

Yes yes, it's been a while since Something Crafty This Way Comes has been updated. I apologize >.> Hopefully it'll be more regular!

Today, we found out that a dear friend of ours is in the hospital. What to bring him when we go see him I wondered. He's not really a plant or flower type of guy. So, these were born.

D10 Flowers

List of supplies:

map colors or crayons
sharpie marker
bamboo sticks
Glue (I had no glue thus had to use tape)

Step One

To begin with, I used the templates here to find the dice shape. I am not fortunate enough to have a printer at this time, so I tilted my monitor and used it as a light box and traced my dice onto the paper making notes of the numbers. If you have a printer and like the colors they used, feel free to just print them up and skip to step four.

Step Two

Trace over the pencil lines with the sharpie. Also, take this time to make some really cool numbers to go on the dice.

Step Three

Color your dice with map colors! Make them pretty. Draw a dragon if you want to. It's all up to you :D

Step Four

Cut out your dice. I find it helps is all the tabs are cut down to meet the line dividing the sides of the dice. It saved me quite a bit of time once I ensured that. Also, which ever side you plan on putting the stick in, make sure you cut a little into where all the lines meet so there is a place for the stick.

There's a picture of my dice at this step.

Step Five

Fold along all of the black lines so that your dice sides are already bent and your tabs are ready to attach.

Step Six

Glue (or tape) all your tabs in. It helped me to tape the big tab on the side without any other tabs and then tape down the little tabs while going around. Find what works for you though!

Step Seven

Insert your stick in the side you cut a little extra slot for it in. I pushed the stick all the way until it bumped into the point at the other side. Tape it down. I took a piece of tape and cut several little niches along it about half way down and used that to help attach it better. Then I wrapped another piece of tape along the bottom of that one.

Step Eight

Repeat until you have the desired amount of dice!

The website has an amazing assortment of dice. I was only brave enough to try a d10. (well that and I was tracing off my monitor). Experiment and have fun :)